The Original Albums, Now on CD

1957 - The Chirping Crickets

1958 - Buddy Holly

1959 - That'll Be The Day

1959 - The Buddy Holly Story

1960 - Buddy Holly Story Volume II

1963 - Reminiscing

1964 - Showcase

1969 - Giant

2004 - Buddy Holly (remaster)

1999 - That'll Be the Day (remaster)

2016 - Four Classic Albums



Full Digital Discography:

Undated 1980s 1990s 2000s2010s

official, unofficial, deleted, rare and just plain odd Buddy Holly releases.
Includes many budget hits collections.



With The Picks

The Picks

Original Buddy Holly tracks, with vocal backing 'overdubs' added later by the Picks, who supplied the vocal backings on the early recordings.





Many of the albums listed are Bootlegs - unofficial, possibly illegal copies.




Tributes and Friends

Tributes and Friends

A fairly random selection of albums released as tributes to Buddy Holly, or by folk inextricably linked with him or his music.




Video Releases


The best in digital Buddy Holly!



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"Buddy Holly - Now" is a current discography; an up-to-the month listing of digital albums you are likely to be able to obtain. I'll be adding information to all pages, as I get it - and as time permits.

There is an Archive, of albums that are not currently available - it is not complete, and probably never will be, though I'm always on the look out for genuine rarities - however, it does already include all the 'significant' collections - ones worth seeking used or at auction.

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