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Stereo Versions


1 Brown-Eyed Handsome Man    
2 Bo Diddley    
3 Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight    
4 Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie    
5 Reminiscing    
6 It Doesn't Matter Any More    
7 I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down    
8 Rock-A-Bye-Rock    
9 It's Not My Fault    
10 Because I Love You    
11 Learning The Game    
12 What To Do    
13 True Love Ways    
14 Ummm, Oh Yeah    
15 That's What They Say    
16 Peggy Sue Got Married    
17 Slippin' And Slidin'    
18 Smoky Joe's Cafe    
19 Have You Ever Been Loney?    
20 Gone    
21 Changing All Those Changes    
22 Good Rockin' Tonight    
23 Ain't Got No Home    
24 Blue Monday    
25 Rip It Up    
26 Blue Suede Shoes    
27 Shake Rattle and Roll    
28 You're The One    
29 Love Is Strange    
30 Raining In My Heart    
31 Moondreams    
32 That Makes It Tough    
33 Crying, Waiting, Hoping    
34 Honky Tonk    
35 Holly Hop    

Cover says Norvajak rec Ltd - Made in Australia, 1994; copyright claimed.

Disc says Nor-Va-Jak CD 855


A very desirable double CD, with the legend "65 Rare and Unreleased Recordings" printed larger than the title. There is no copyright statement of any kind, either on the discs, or the inserts.

It does say, "Virtual Records" and "Made in Canada" and offers a serial number: VTL-270530-72-2

There's no sleeve notes, but the detailed track listings (above) are taken directly from the back of the jewel box.


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