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Buddy Holly
Bob Montgomery


1 Do You Remember Buddy Holly Alvis West 1'55
2 Don't Come Back Knockin'   2'00
3 I Wanna Play House With You   2'20
4 Love Me   1'50
5 Down The Line   2'08
6 Gotta Get You Near Me Blues   1'56
7 You And I Are Through   2'09
8 Baby It's Love   1'52
9 Flower Of My Heart   2'35
10 Memories   2'16
11 Soft Place In My Heart   2'18
12 Queen Of The Ballroom   2'21
13 I Gambled My Heart   2'43
14 Door To My Heart   2'25
15 Brown Eyed Handsome Man   2'14
16 Don't Do Me This Way Rick Tucker 2'18
17 Patty Baby Rick Tucker 2'14
18 A Whole Lotta Lovin' Jim Robinson 2'12
19 My Two Timin' Woman [1949] 1'29
20 Let's Pretend   2'17
21 It's A Wonderful Feeling Jim Robinson 2'36

Alternate cover: Nor-va-jak 3259
CD: insert states Coral - LPCD 96101,
The number - and the design - is is merely a steal from the original ten-track vinyl album of that name.

This is a mixture of historically important tracks - mostly from "Holly In The Hills" and others featuring Buddy Holly on Guitar. I do not know the release date (Do YOU?), but I'd guess around 1997.

Paul Geleedst supplied more information, and I've added track numbers from the CD:

For the cover of this bootleg they used the original Buddy Holly Countrywise album, (Coral LPC 96101, Holland 1965), with the following tracks:

Down The Lline [5], Flower Of My Heart [9], Door To My Heart [14], I Gambled My hHeart [13], I Wanna Play House [3], Soft Place In My Heart [11], You And I Are Through [7], Gotta Get You Near Me Blues [6].

The American album Holly In The Hills (Coral 57463 / 757463, January 1965) had these songs, plus Fool's Paradise, What To Do, Wishing, and Lonesome Tears.

The UK album Holly in the Hills (Coral LVA 9227, June 1965) had the songs as on the Dutch album plus Baby It's Love [8], Memories [10], Queen Of The Ballroom [12].

The Dutch Countrywise is a 25cm album (10"). This is a rare vinyl album and only 200 copies were made; there is a bootleg of this one with same cover, but the cover print is not as good as the original.



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