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Buddy in Britain


Buddy in Britain
1 BBC Radio 2 Documentary: "Buddy In Britain"    
2 Interval    
3 That'll Be The Day    
4 Peggy Sue    
5 Oh Boy!    
  Tracks 3-5 recorded at the London Palladium 2 March 1958    

This bootleg claims to be PRISM Label BHCC-9, but has all the hallmarks of a bootleg, and none of the information you'd expect to find on a legitimate disc. Plus, of course, BBC Radio 2 does not license its archives to just anyone (and never without attribution)!

For all that, it's a worthy disc in any serious collection.


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Audio CD - Released 1998
"Prism BHCC-9"

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Information Appeal - I'd be grateful for any information on this release; with full credit or anonymously.

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