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The Ultimate Buddy Holly Collection

Buddy Holly Collection

Disc: 1

1 Down the Line    
2 Soft Place in My Heart    
3 Holly Hop    
4 Blue Days (A.K.A. Blue Days, Black Nights)    
5 Love Me    
6 Midnight Shift    
7 Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight    
8 Changing All Those Changes    
9 I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down    
10 Rock Around With Ollie Vee    
11 Girl on My Mind    
12 Ting-A-Ling    
13 Modern Don Juan    
14 Brown Eyed Handsome Man    
15 That'll Be the Day    

Disc: 2

1 I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love    
2 Words of Love    
3 Not Fade Away    
4 Everyday    
5 Tell Me How    
6 Ready Teddy    
7 Listen to Me    
8 Oh, Boy!    
9 It's Too Late    
10 Peggy Sue    
11 I'm Gonna Love You Too    
12 Look at Me    
13 Maybe Baby    

Disc: 3

1 (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care    
2 Rave On    
3 Fool's Paradise    
4 Well ... All Right    
5 Think It Over    
6 It's So Easy    
7 Wishing    
8 Love's Made a Fool of You    
9 Reminiscing    
10 True Love Ways    
11 It Doesn't Matter Anymore    
12 Raining in My Heart    
13 Peggy Sue Got Married    
14 What To Do    
15 Learning [the] Game    

This is a 1998 Universal Australia re-issue of the 1993 "The Buddy Holly Collection" - three discs instead of two, but 43 tracks instead of 50!


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Audio CD
Released 1998
UMD 73113

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