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Buddy Holly:

Lost Treasures

Lost treasures
Disc - 1
1 Don't Come Back Knockin' (Demo)    
2 Love Me (Demo)    
3 Rock Around With Ollie Vee (False Start and Take 8)    
4 Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Take 12)    
5 Gone (Take 1)    
6 Gone (Take 2)    
7 Rip It Up (Undubbed)    
8 Blue Suede Shoes (Undubbed)    
9 Bo Diddley (Undubbed)    
10 Last Night    
11 Words of Love (Without final vocal and lead guitar)    
12 Not fade Away (Take 1 with partial backing vocals)    
13 Peggy Sue (Take 1)    
14 Oh Boy! (Without backing vocals)    
15 That's My desire (Take 1)    
16 That's My desire (Take 2)    
17 That's My desire (Take 3)    
18 Take Your Time (Take 1)    
19 Take Your Time (Take 2)    
20 Take Your Time (Take 3)    
21 Fools Paradise (Take 1)    
22 Think It Over (Take 1)    
23 Think It Over (Take 2)    
24 Think It Over (Take 3)    
25 Think It Over (Take 4)    
26 Think It Over (Take 5)    
27 Lonesome Tears    
28 That's What They Say (Undubbed)    
29 What To Do (Undubbed)    
30 Peggy Sue Got Married (Undubbed)    
31 That Makes It Tough (Undubbed)    
32 Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Undubbed)    
33 Learning The Game (Undubbed)    
34 Wait 'Til The Sun Shines Nellie (Undubbed)    
35 Love Is Strange (Undubbed)    

Disc - 2
1 Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight
(Demo with session talk throughout)
2 I Guess I Was Just A Fool
(Demo with session talk throughout)
3 Because I Love You (Demo Undubbed)    
4 It's Not My Fault (Demo Undubbed)    
5 Rock-A-Bye-Rock (Demo Undubbed)    
6 I'm Changing All Those Changes (Take 4)    
7 You Are My One Desire (False Start and Take 3)    
8 Have You Ever Been Loney? (Take 1)    
9 Have You Ever Been Loney? (Take 2)    
10 Have You Ever Been Loney? (Take 3)    
11 Shake Rattle and Roll (Undubbed)    
12 Maybe Baby (Early Alternate Version)    
13 Send Me Some Lovin' (Without backing vocals)    
14 It's Too Late (Without backing vocals)    
15 Fools Paradise (Take 2)    
16 Fools Paradise (Take 3)    
17 Now We're One (With session talk)    
18 Love's Made A Fool Of You (Demo)    
19 You're The One (Undubbed)    
20 Slippin' And Slidin' (Take 1 Undubbed)    
21 Slippin' And Slidin' (Take 2 Undubbed)    
22 Slippin' And Slidin' (Take 3 Undubbed)    
23 Dearest (Undubbed)    
24 Smoky Joe's Cafe (Undubbed)    
25 That'll Be The Day (Live - London Palladium)    
26 Peggy Sue (Live - London Palladium)    
27 Oh Boy! (Live - London Palladium)    
28 That'll Be The Day (Live - Ed Sullivan)    
29 Oh Boy! (Live - Ed Sullivan)    
30 Peggy Sue (Live - Ed Sullivan)    

A very desirable double CD, with the legend "65 Rare and Unreleased Recordings" printed larger than the title. There is no copyright statement of any kind, either on the discs, or the inserts.

It does say, "Virtual Records" and "Made in Canada" and offers a serial number: VTL-270530-72-2

There's no sleeve notes, but the detailed track listings (above) are taken directly from the back of the jewel box.


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