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Buddy Holly

1 Reminiscing 1'57  
2 Slippin And Slidin 3'32  
3 Bo Diddley 2'23  
4 Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie 1'57  
5 Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight 1'55  
6 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 2'07  
7 Because I Love You 2'41  
8 It's Not My Fault 1'52  
9 I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down 2'19  
10 Changing All Those Changes 1'44  
11 Rock A Bye Rock 2'22  
12 Come Back Baby    
13 Maybe Baby (demo)    
14 Rock-a-Bye Rock (undubbed)    
15 It's Not My Fault (undubbed)    
16 Brown Eyed Handsome Man (undubbed)    
17 Slippin' and Sldin' (undubbed)    
18 Bo Diddley (undubbed)    

The original release had no bonus track

Al Stewart Now  Buddy Holly Now  Real Names of Famous Folk
Not currently
in the USA

Released 1999 - MCA records 112 099-2

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Original release (with 11 tracks) may still be available


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