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The Missing Tapes



Legal Notice: The picture is a scan of a CD cover. The picture, as it happens, was used by the bootlegger without permission from the artist. If he was going to steal a picture, you'd think he'd choose a good one!

The Missing Tapes
1 Interview with Ronnie King 17 Oct 58  
2 Slipping and Sliding Alternate Version  
3 Smokey Joe's Cafe Alternate Version  
4 Winter Dance Party Promo    
5 Aurther Murray Dance Party Peggy Sue live  
6 Dearest Alternate Version  
7 WACK Newark, NJ Radio Promo  
8 Jingle for Murray Deutch    
9 Words of Love 1st Version, 2nd Track  
10 KSYD Witchata Falls, Texas Radio Promo  
11 Peggy Sue Alternate Version  
12 Fool's Paradise Alternate Version  
13 Leave My Woman Alone aka Buddy's Guitar  
14 Mona Various Versions  
15 Take Your Time Take 1  
16 Take Your Time Take 2  


Like most Buddy Holly bootlegs, this one has little or nothing that cannot be found on 'official' releases - though many of them are long deleted.

ahcode: 16-ISSWAD

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