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Universal Masters Collection
1 Peggy Sue   
2 Listen To Me   
3 Early In The Morning   
4 Rave On   
5 Heartbeat   
6 It Doesn't Matter Any More   
7 Midnight Shift   
8 True Love Ways   
9 Peggy Sue Got Married   
10 Learning The Game   
11 What To Do   
12 You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)   
13 Vally Of Tears   
14 Reminiscing   
15Brown Eyed Handsome Man  
16Bo Diddley  
18You've Got Love  
19Love's Made A Fool Of You   
This album first appeared in the Universal Masters Collection (2000), released in South Africa in the same year as Classic Buddy Holly, then again in 2002 in the An Evening With .. series, then the Colour Collection (2007), and finally an Australia re-release entitled of "Classic Buddy Holly".  


MCA E1121762


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