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Buried Treasure

Buddy Holly

Buried Treasure
1 Two Timin' Woman   c.1949
2 I'll Just Pretend Wire recorded  
3 Take These Shackles from My Heart Wire recorded c. 1952
4 Footprints In The Snow Acetate c.1953
5 Gotta Get You Near Me Blues Undubbed demo c.1954-55
6 You And I Are Through    
7 Memories   c.1954-55
8 Baby Let's Play House    
9 Down The Line   ? 7 Jun1955
10 Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight Audition for Decca  
11 Guess I was Just a Fool Audition for Decca  
12 Don't Come Back Knockin' Audition for Decca  
13 Love Me Audition for Decca ? 7 Dec 1955
14 Love Me    
15 Don't Come Back Knockin' First Decca session 26 Jan 1956
16 Rock around With Ollie Vee    
17 I'm Changinin' All Those Changes    
18 That'll Be The Day    
19 Girl On My Mind    
20 Ting-A-Ling Second Decca session 22 Jul 1956
21 Rock Around With Ollie Vee    
22 You Are My One Desire Third Decca session 15 Nov 1956
23 Bo Diddley Undubbed  
24 Last Night Without the Picks 12 Mar 1957
25 Words Of Love   8 Apr 1957
26 Send Me Some Loving    
27 It's Too Late Without the Picks 19 Jul 1957
28 That'll Be The Day    
29 Peggy Sue    
30 Oh Boy London Palladium/TV 2 Mar 1958
31 Love's Made A Fool Of You Demo for Everly Bros  
32 Jingle For Radio Station KLLL To tune of Everyday  
33 Jingle For Radio Station KLLL
To tune of Peggy Sue 1 Sep 1958
34 Promo For Radio Station WACK    
35 Promo For Radio Station KSYD    


Buried Treasure 35-TITFGY

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