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Only The Love Songs

Buddy Holly
with The Picks

Only The Love Songs
1True Love Ways2'50
4Raining In My Heart2'48
5That's What They Say2'16
6Learning The Game2'01
7Take Your Time1'56
9What To Do1'53
10Peggy Sue2'30
11Well ... All Right2'14
12Love Me2'06
13It's Not My Fault1'56
14Words of Love1'52
15Love Is Strange 3'04
16Little Baby1'54
17Listen To Me2'21
18You're The One2'03
19Love's Made A Fool Of You2'06
20Crying Waiting Hoping2'05

A rather better selection of songs than the 'official' MCA "The Love Songs" - How could MCA fail to include 'True Love Ways', 'Heartbeat' and 'Well ... All Right'? But even this selection, subtitled "20 ballads that will last forever' has its oddities; 'That's What They Say' is a ballad, but the treatment here isn't; neither is 'Learning The Game' or 'Take Your Time'.

Most of Buddy Holly's catalogue is ballads, beautifully written, gently recorded ... strange that no-one can come up with a selection of 20!



Label: K-Tel ECD 3634
Released Europe 2001
Released US 2002


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