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Clovis Connections

Buddy Holly


Clovis Connections
1 My Two Timin' Woman 1949 home recording
2 Don't Come Back Knockin' 1955 demo for Decca
3 Down The Line  with Bob Montgomery
4 Rock Around With Ollie Vee  saxophone version
5 Brown Eyed Handsome Man   
6 Good Rockin' Tonight   
7 Rip It Up   
8 Honky Tonk   
9 Bo Diddley   
  Tracks 5,6,7,8 & 9 from Bobby Peeples tape
10 Go Boy Go  KDAV Version
11 Go Boy Go   
  Tracks 10 & 11 Gary Dale
12 The Golden Rocket  Gary Dale
13 Last Night  undubbed
14 A Whole Lotta Lovin'  Jim Robinson
15 Starlight  Jack Huddle
16 By The Mission Wall  Fred Crawford
17 Not Fade Away  Steve Hoffman spliced edit
18 Peggy Sue  Version 1
19 Oh Boy!  undubbed
20 Look To The Future  Gary Dale
21 Honey Honey  Gary Dale
22 Humble Heart  Sherry Davis
23 Sugar Time  Charlie Phillips
24 An Empty Cup  Roy Orbison and The Teen Kings
25 Mona  studio rehearsal
26 Take Your Time  breakdown and studio chat
27 Take Your Time  undubbed
28 Fool's Paradise  undubbed
29 Think It Over  undubbed
30 Real Wild Child  Version 1, Jerry Allison
31 Love's Made A Fool Of You  original demo for The Everly Brothers
32 Jole Blon  Waylon Jennings
33 When Sin Stops  Featuring King Curtis
34 Slippin' And Slidin'
  Version 3, undubbed
  Track 34 from the 'apartment tapes'


Released in 2003 on Prism Records BHCC-1 (Mono).

Thirty four rare and collectable tracks featuring Buddy Holly in chronological sequence from 1949 thru to 1959, including his very first recording, several unissued takes of classic songs cut with The Crickets, a studio rehearsal of Bo Diddley's "Mona" and many ultra rare Clovis Curios featuring Holly as featured instrumentalist.

ahcode: 34-MDDRBG

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