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Buddy Holly

and the Picks


1Well ... Alright  
2Love Is Strange   
3Rock Around With Ollie Vee  
4Crying, Waiting, Hoping  
5Blue Days, Black Nights   
6It's Not My Fault  
7Don't Come Back Knocking  
8Little Baby  
9Girl On My Mind  
11You Are My One Desire  
12Modern Don Juan  
13I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down  
14You're The One  
15Because I Love You   
17You've Lost That Loving Feeling  
18Buddy Holly Fade Away Tribute  
19Forever 22   
20Learnin' The Game  

Tracks 1 - 15 and 20; Buddy Holly and the Picks
Tracks 16 - 19; The Picks

Insert note by John Tracy, london 2005

Compilation ©2006 Musical Memories

Available as a single CD, or a twin-pack - Heartbeat - RG2CD1015 - with:
"The Very Best Of Buddy Holly" RGCD1074


Musical memories RGCD1075

ahcode: 20-WLRCBI

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