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The First Three Albums

Buddy Holly


Buddy Holly Now
1 Oh, Boy! The Crickets 2:07
2 Not Fade Away The Crickets 2:20
3 You've Got Love The Crickets 2:04
4 Maybe Baby The Crickets 2:01
5 It's Too Late The Crickets 2:22
6 Tell Me How The Crickets 1:58
7 That'll Be The Day The Crickets 2:14
8 I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love The Crickets 1:55
9 An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date) The Crickets 2:11
10 Send Me Some Lovin' The Crickets 2:33
11 Last Night The Crickets 1:52
12 Rock Me My Baby The Crickets 1:48
13 I'm Gonna Love You Too Buddy Holly 2:12
14 Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 2:29
15 Look At Me Buddy Holly 2:03
16 Listen To Me Buddy Holly 2:19
17 Valley Of Tears Buddy Holly 2:06
18 Ready Teddy Buddy Holly 1:30
19 Everyday Buddy Holly 2:06
20 Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues Buddy Holly 2:10
21 Words Of Love Buddy Holly 1:54
22 You're So Square Buddy Holly 1:34
23 Rave On Buddy Holly 1:48
24 Little Baby Buddy Holly 1:54
25 You Are My One Desire Buddy Holly 2:23
26 Blue Days, Black Nights Buddy Holly 2:02
27 Modern Don Juan Buddy Holly 2:40
28 Rock Around With Ollie Vee Buddy Holly 2:11
29 Ting-A-Ling Buddy Holly 2:39
30 Girl On My Mind Buddy Holly 2:16
31 That'll Be The Day Buddy Holly 2:28
32 Love Me Buddy Holly 2:06
33 I'm Changin' All Those Changes Buddy Holly 2:12
34 Don't Come Back Knockin' Buddy Holly 2:12
35 Midnight Shift Buddy Holly 2:09
36 Rock Around With Ollie Vee [single version] Buddy Holly 2:18

The 35 historic tracks that make up this compilation were all recorded in a highly-prolific two-year burst of creativity, between January 1956 and January 1958, by which time both Buddy Holly and The Crickets were established as major chart names.

The Chirping Crickets LP included The Crickets million-selling singles That ll Be The Day and Oh Boy, whilst Holly s eponymously-titled album included his equallysuccessful solo hits, Peggy Sue and Rave On.

This compilation also features the eleven tracks which Buddy recorded for US Decca in 1956, including his original, slower version of the stellar That ll Be The Day, under which title they were first released in 1958. The booklet features full session details, including personnel, recording dates, etc.


Released  23 February 2009
Fantastic Voyage

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