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That Makes It Sound
So Much Better

Buddy Holly


That Makes It So Much Better - Buddy Holly Now
1 That's What They Say mono 
2 What To Do mono 
3 Peggy Sue Got Married mono 
4 That Makes It Tough mono  
5 Crying, Waiting, Hoping mono  
6 Learning The Game mono  
7 studio talk stereo 
8 That's What They Say stereo 
9 Crying, Waiting, Hoping stereo 
10 count-in stereo  
11 Learning The Game stereo  
12 Peggy Sue Got Married stereo  
13 studio talk stereo  
14 What To Do stereo  
15studio talk stereo  
16That Makes It Tough stereo  

This is an excellent collection - in both mono and stereo - of the original, raw, 'apartment demos'. These have been painstakingly dissected & re-engineered to fit more precisely the Jack Hansen backing tracks featured on the original BH Story Volume 2. For some this labour of love attracted a bit of quite unwarranted criticism when first issued, but having myself been brought up on “Volume 2”, I  have nothing but praise for Roller Coaster and their engineer’s efforts.

The inside of the 3-card fold is a collage of labels from Coral vinyls of the various tracks. Also included is a 36 glossy page booklet containing the background to the Hansen overdubs, details of the musicians involved, numerous rare photographs, and press cuttings. The package even includes a replica fan club membership card!

Produced with RollerCoaster’s usual immaculate attention to detail, this offering just has to be a favourite with collectors.

From notes by John Mathewson

Right: pack back

Below: enclosed illustration of singles.

That Makes It So Much Better - back.


Roller Coaster Records 2011
Roller Coaster RCCD 3060
barcode - 5-012814-030604

ahcode 16-TWPTCL

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