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Oh, Boy!

"Runaway Express"

Buddy Holly


Oh, Boy


1Rave OnWest, Tilghman, Petty2:59
2Love Is Strange
Come On Let's Go
Baker, Smith, Robinson
McDaniels, Polk, Gibson
3CaprockJim Ratts3:24
4Peggy SueHolly, Allison, Petty2:58
5Raining In My HeartF. Bryant, B. Bryant2:57
6Good Rockin' Tonight
I'm Ready
Fats Domino, Bradford, Lewis
7Not Fade AwayHolley, Petty3:09
8Learnin' The GameB. Holly 0:43
9Doesn't Matter AnymoreP. Anka2:14
10Rave On (bluegrass style)West, Tilghman, Petty0:52
11Think it OverHolly, Petty2:50
12Oh, BoyWest, Tilghman, Petty3:35
13Clovis HighwayStongle, Bennett, Hause, Martinez,
Jones, Contraras, Ratts
14True Love WaysHolly, Petty 2:57
15Down The LineHolly, Petty, Montgomery2:55
16Coda (Rave On)West, Tilghman, Petty1:29

Released 13 November 2004


Oh, Boy

Buddy Holly Now! - Review:

A four year gap since 'Yeah, Buddy!' has given Runaway Express time to develop a few new ideas; this one is a bit more challenging, but the tracks that don't get you first time around do get you in the end.

Again, their strength is that they are true to the character of the songs, but take the space to interpret them in their own way. They are keeping the music alive - as it should be! (Too many 'fans' want to keep Buddy Holly in a museum!).

Go on - risk a few dollars. You may not like every track, but I'm sure there's something here for everyone, and quite a lot for most. Listen to the lyrics; listen to the music, and don't forget the harmonies; it's all here.

Andrew Heenan

PS see their first album ... "Yeah Buddy!"


How to buy this CD

From the Runaway Express web site, they're also for sale at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas.

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