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A Tribute To Buddy Holly
Mike Berry
Mike Berry

1Tribute To Buddy Holly  
2Peggy Sue  
3That'll Be The Day  
4I'm Gonna Love You Too  
5For Me And You  
6Rave On  

Fool's Paradise

8Think It Over  
9Don't Ever Change  
10I'm In Love Again  
11Baby I Don't Care  
12Think It Over  
13Tribute To Buddy Holly (Reprise)   

Shanghai/Elap label: 50163292

1999 UK release.


Al Stewart Now  Buddy Holly Now  LocalnLive


Information Appeal

I'd be grateful for any information on this release.

How to buy this CD

So far as I'm aware, this cannot be bought 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably

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