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Buddy Holly and the Fireballs


Buddy Holly Now
  1962/3 19 What To Do
1 Reminiscing 20 Peggy Sue Got Married
2 Slippin' And Slidin' - slow version 21 That Makes It Tough
3 Bo Diddley 22 Crying, Waiting, Hoping
4 Wait Til The Sun Shines, Nellie 23 Learning The Game
5 Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight   1965
6 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 24 Baby Let's Play House
7 Because I Love You 25 Down The Line
8 It's Not My Fault   1969
9 I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down 26 Love Is Strange
10 [I'm] Changing All Those Changes 27 Good Rockin' Tonight
11 Rock-A-Bye Rock 28 Blue Monday
  1964 29 Have You Ever Been Lonely
12 Shake Rattle and Roll 30 Slippin' And Slidin' - fast version
13 Honky Tonk   - Instrumental 31 You're The One
14 Umm Oh Yeah (Dearest) 32 Dearest
15Blue Suede Shoes 33 Smokey Joe's Cafe
16 Rip It Up 34 Ain't Got No Home
17 Gone 35 Holly Hop  - Instrumental
18 That's What They Say   79.31 minutes (total)

Cover blurb:
"In super sensational stereo, love 'em or loathe 'em, here they are!
Recorded in Clovis and still awaiting the verdict of Buddy Holly, thirty five posthumous overdubs engineered by mastermind Norman Petty for commercial considerations. Featuring - in the absence of Jerry Allison and Joe B Maudlin - the undoubtedly wonderful George Tomsco along with his fellow Fireballs ... but as our buddies over there in lil ol' England would say - it's not Crickets!"

Track 26 is actually additional to the listing and is the alternative version of Maybe Baby, with the result that all subsequent tracks are displaced by one – through to “Holly Hop”, which becomes track 36, rather than 35.
The confusion doesn’t end there, though; there are also Tracks 37 to 43, each comprising 11 seconds of total silence. This is followed by Track 44, which is 2minutes 25 seconds of instrumental featuring piano and guitar and certainly nothing directly related to Buddy Holly. It might be some material from The Fireballs - a title of theirs called “Goin’ Away”, happens to be exactly that duration. ~ Thanks to John Mathewson


Release date unknown
Prism records BHCC-6

ahcode 35-RSBWBB

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