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Listen To Me

Buddy Holly

Greatest Hits

Listen To Me
1 Heartbeat 2'09  
2 Everyday 2'10  
3 True Love Ways 2'50  
4 Crying, Waiting, Hoping 2'12  
5 Peggy Sue 2'31  
6 Maybe Baby 2'03  
7 Learning The Game 2'01  
8 It's So Easy 2'10  
9 Listen To Me 2'21  
10 Love's Made A Fool Of You 1'58  
11 Words Of Love 1'53  
12 Peggy Sue Got Married 2'05  
13 Because I Love You 2'02  
14 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 2'02  

"Public Domain" label - PD 1004-2

The cover states that it was made in Germany and released by ZYX - Music GMBH, and there's a barcode (090204 100699). The insert includes tracklisting with track times, total time (31'05) and music publishers.

There is no release date, licensing info or copyright attribution. The lable name suggests a budget label or cheeky bootlegger; the material is not public domain, of course!


ahcode 14-HETCPM

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