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That'll Be The Day

Buddy Holly


That'll Be The Day
1 That'll Be The Day Holly, Petty, Allison 2'12
2 It Doesn't Matter Anymore Anka 2'00
3 Peggy Sue Holly, Petty, Allison 2'27
4 Everyday Hardin, Petty 2'08
5 Heartbeat Montgomery, Petty 2'08
6 Baby I Don't Care Lieber, Stoller 1'35
7 It's So Easy Holly, Petty 2'07
8 Rave On West, Petty, Tighman 1'46
9 Maybe Baby Holly, Petty 1'59
10 Words Of Love Holly 1'53
11 I'm Looking For Someone To Love Holly, Petty 1'54
12 Think It Over Holly, Petty, Allison 1'44
13 Early In The Morning Darin, Harris 2'04
14 Oh Boy! West, Petty, Tighman 2'04
15You've Got Love Wilson, Orbison, Petty 2'04
16Rock Me My Baby Long, Heather1'46

Release date unkown
Success 2128cd

ahcode 16-TIPEHB

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