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alternate takes, demos, and live performances

1 That'll Be The Day (Live -Ed Sullivan)   2:09
2 Oh Boy! (Live -Ed Sullivan)    
3 Peggy Sue (Live -Ed Sullivan)    
4 Oh Boy! (Without Backing Vocals)    
5 Peggy Sue (Alternate Take)    
6 Not Fade Away (With Partial Backing Vocals)    
7 Take Your Time (Take 1)    
8 Take Your Time (Take 2)    
9 Take Your Time (Take 3)    
10 Think It Over (Take 1)    
11 Think It Over (Take 2)    
12 Think It Over (Take3 )    
13 That's What They Say (Undubbed)    
14 What To Do (Undubbed)    
15 Peggy Sue Got Married (Undubbed)    
16 That Makes It Tough (Undubbed)    
17 Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Undubbed)    
18 Learning The Game (Undubbed)    
19 You're The One (Undubbed)    
20 Dearest (Undubbed)    
21 Smokey Joe's Cafe (Undubbed)    
22 Lonesome Tears    
23 I Guess I Was Just A Fool    
24 Now We're One (With Session Talk)    
25 Love's Made A Fool Of You (Demo)    

This doesn't give a publication date - I hear a rumour that 1999 may the year; it does say 'made in Canada' for 'Loading Zone Records'.

And that's it; looks like a very professional bootleg. Unless you know different?

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