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Steve Rash's

The Buddy Holly Story

Starring Gary Busey


The Buddy Holly Story

Taken from the cover: "Buddy Holly laid the foundations for a generation of popular music with his ground-breaking combination of country music and rhythm & blues.

This film tells his story from its explosive beginning to its tragic end, with Gary Busey giving an electrifying Oscar nominated performance (for Best Actor 1978) as the young genius from Lubbock, Texas, who changed the tune of Rock'n'roll history.

The Buddy Holly Story is one of the best biopics ever produced for the cinema and features 12 of his greatest songs. It's a dynamic tribute to one of the most influencial rock'n'rollers of all time and his legacy"


Don't be put off by the hype; this is an enjoyable and thought-provoking movie, and Gary Busey really did a great job. A more honest studio would have emphasised that this is a fictionalised story, rather over romanticized and frighteningly over simplified, but that the nature of biopics, especially considering this was made only 20 years after Buddy Holly's death, and there had been plenty of lawsuits already!

Gary Busey is not Buddy Holly, and for me, 12 songs sung by Mr Busey began to feel a little like padding; I'd have preferred a shorter movie with maximum story, maybe real Buddy Holly tracks in the background. But that's a small point really. I enjoyed the movie immensely, and I think it does serve as a very genuine tribute to Buddy Holly.


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